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Thursday, April 15th 2010

9:57 AM

Family Guy The griffin family

Peter Griffin: The father with the Family Guys Griffin family. Portrayed being an average American guy, overweight, incompetent. He tries occasionally to become a good father to his kids and also a good husband to his wife Lois, but he could be unsuccessful. He drinks a lot more than his great amount of alcohol.

Lois Griffin: Married to Peter. A parent to three children. Jane is a work from home mom that routinely hosts piano lessons to make slightly money about the side. Nancy the glue that holds the family together. The main child that she's to check after is in fact her husband, Peter.

Meg Griffin: An unattractive teenage girl. Meg was the very first born child She supports the title as the "black sheep" of the family, but concurrently, she's embarrassed incidentally that her family acts, like most teenagers are.

Chris Griffin: Chris, the center child, takes after his father, Peter. He lives an unhealthy lifestyle, is incompetent, fat, anf the husband doesn't have real goals or aspirations for his life.

Stewie Griffin: The child with the family. He's the smartest, and a lot evil member of the Griffin family. Stewie uses a formal vocabulary and speaks in a sophisticated English accent. Stewie's head is shaped as being a football.

Brian Griffin: Brian could be the family dog, that has the ability of having the ability to talk. Brian is voiced from the shows producer, and founder, Seth McFarlane. Brian's least favorite member from the Griffin folks are Peter, he constantly points out how crazy Peter acts.More articles about Watch Family Guy or about Family Guy episodes are a click away
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Thursday, April 15th 2010

9:56 AM

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